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Radisson Blu Şişli

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World-class 8 Speakers about SEO

SEO and inbound marketing professionals, recognized worldwide for their experiences and published resources, are coming together on 25th October 2014 at the Radisson Blu Sisli. SEOzone, held with the participation of 200 people on 2013, at Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre, will be on the air with a staff of more powerful and Abentertaining in 2014!

different countries

From different countries of the world & all world-renowned speakers


Specialized consultants in different areas including SEO


Networking opportunities with senior executives of brands in the industry

people in a yatch

After the event, enjoy party with luxurious yacht at the Bosporus!

How was last year?

As a cohesive team with passion for SEO, We look forward to SEOzone period every year!

SEOzone'13, which we set with vision of increasing recognition of SEO in our country and improving interactions of people with exact information, was very special for us.

In the event held in Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre, We have left behind a great event with 8 speakers from different countries of the world and over 200 participants including digital marketing managers mostly.

To share our memories with you and to glance at last year's event briefly, you can look at the photos below!


The most recognizable names in the world of SEO will be in Istanbul for you on October 25!


Serdar Kuzuloğlu

Serdar Kuzuloğlu, with various internet programs he made hitherto, is a very familiar name for social media. Recognized for his TV program named "Social Media" broadcasted on TRT once upon a time, Serdar Kuzuloğlu talks about technology trends in his column in Radikal newspaper.

After starting his career in journalism in 1995, he focused on many different areas of technology. After working as "Next-Generation Services Director" in Dogan Holding for a while, he achieved portals like "Televidyon" and "Yahoyt" by establishing an internet company named "MYT media." Also, he played an active role in the foundation stage "Alkışlarla Yaşıyorum" project.

Now, he gives post graduate lectures titled Social Media Communications and Marketing at Next Academy of Bilgi University, of which he is still one of the founders, and implements his own initiatives. Also, he shares beautiful moments about life and technology actively on his blog.

Founder @LinkResearchTools

Christoph Cemper

Christopher C. Cemper, founder of the world-famous link analysis tool Link ResearchTools, general manager of Vienna-based Cemp GmbH Company which shares the same name with him. Heretofore, Link Research Tools, which came to the fore with numerous analysis and research published on link building that is one of the most important parts of SEO, is one of the most preferred SEO tools.

Cemper, who worked as system and data base systems manager previously, has stepped in SEO on 2003 with Company which he founded on 2001. Within 11 years, SEO tools hey created with a vision that aims specializing on link building have reached large audiences. In this process, they continued SEO-related consulting services.

Cemper, who participates in conferences abroad and gives certification training of LRT, gave his most recent training in Affiliate Summit East 2014 held in New York. Cemper, still living in Vienna, will participate as a speaker at a conference in Turkey for the first time.

Founder @iPullRank

Mike King

Michael King, started his career at Microsoft as Webmaster in 1996, has a wide range of web history. Michael King started his career in a worldwide company in the period internet has just begun to spread, during this period he was interested in both street music and his professional career. As an entertaining anecdote, he released a rap music album previously and he has professional works.

Heretofore, Michael has worked in Head of SEO & Inbound Marketing positions in leader agencies in the United States; he came to Turkey for the first time last year and was among the speakers in Seozone'13. Michael has entertaining presentation techniques, and made one of the most highly acclaimed presentations of the event.

Currently, in iPullRank Company for which he offers consulting service, he gives counselling services to world-renowned brands such as LG and ABC on SEO and inbound marketing. Also, he works as global representative in Moz whose reputation in SEO is indisputable.

Managing Partner of Grimm Digital

Bastian Grimm

SEO kariyerine 2002 yılında Supercars Media'da başlayan Bastian Grimm, teknik SEO konusunda dünyaca ünlü isimlerden. Bugüne değin, Wazap ve Fox Mobile gibi bir çok büyük şirkette SEO yöneticiliği yaptıktan sonra, kendi ajansı Grimm Digital'i hayata geçirdi.

Halen aktif olarak PeakAce'de kıdemli başkan yardımcısı olarak çalışıyor ve SMX dahil olmak üzere bir çok konferansta konuşmalar yapıyor. Bugüne değin 10'un üstünde ülkede bir çok konferansta konuşan Bastian, geçtimiz sene de SEOzone 2013 konuşmacılarındandı. Teknik SEO konusunda farklı bir yaklaşım içeren sunumuyla birlikte büyük dikkat çeken Bastian Grimm, bu sene de SEOzone'14 programında yer alıyor.

Founder @Annielytics

Annie Cushing

World-renowned SEO and analytics consultant Annie Cushin, who is living in New Jersey, United States, has begun her SEO career in Kelby Media on 2006. Over the years, she has worked in large agencies as Blueglass and SEER Interactive. In this period, Annie remained on the agenda with many comprehensive articles she wrote on Moz, she shared valuable information about metering on her own blog, Annielytics. In particular, checklists prepared by Annie Cushing are one of the sources of help which are used by many SEO consultants when starting their career.

Annie, who will attend a conference in Turkey for the first time, will be on the stage this year with sessions that contain very useful information about the metering. Within plan of different sessions for the whole process of SEO process, she is expected to talk about the relationship between SEO and Analytics which is this year's special set up.

Just check out our advantageous prices to ask your all questions related to SEO and Analytics to Annie in Zone Desk during breaks that will be held in every coffee break.

Author @PointBlankSEO

Jon Cooper

One the youngest participant of the event, Jon Cooper is known for his blog named PointBlankSEO opened during his university studies in Hawaii and company he founded named Hyperlynx Media. Usually focuses on link building, Jon is also known for many quality links building resource he created and paid link building course.

As one of the world's youngest SEO consultant, and despite being 19 years old, Jon offered consultancy to dozens of brands on link building. To date, dozens of blogs have given place to his articles and his works on link buildings are mentioned in many sources of authority, Jon will talk about link building, which is one of the most important steps of SEO, in this year's session.

With SEOzone'14, Jon is one of the names that come to Turkey for the first time, this year he will give detailed information about the creative link building. Especially, if you want to improve your vision by learning alternative methods instead of evaluating link building as a link purchasing, never miss this session!

Author @Moz

Aleyda Solis

One of the most widely read global representatives of Moz, Aleyda is interested in SEO since 2005 when she began her career as web developer. After involving in many jobs like manager of Content Manager & SEO Manager and Analytics departments, has worked in companies like SEER Interactive and WooRank.

With over 8 years of experience only in the SEO verticals, Aleyda succeed in dozens of SEO related resources. Aleyda, who came to the forefront with international SEO articles, is founder of an agency named Orainiti which provides counseling mainly on mobile and technique SEO verticals.

Like many of the participants, Aleyda will attend a conference in Turkey for the first time; she gave many speeches in the series of events of Mozcon, SearchLove and SMX. Participating in many conferences since 2009, Aleyda will share her experiences this year in Seozone'14 held in Istanbul.

Founder @SEOzeo

Yiğit Konur

Dealing with SEO since 2006, Yigit has created the first SEO blog of Turkey with the blog named in 2007. He continued his SEO career by offering counseling to many brands. In 2010, he founded SEOzeo when going on his undergraduate education in Computer Technology and Information Systems department of Bilkent University. In 2012, this constitution has become incorporated in Bilkent Cyberpark and began to provide consultancy services in this area.

Currently, SEOzeo, as a team of 14 people which continue to work in techno park office in Bilkent Cyberpark focusing on R & D in Ankara and in Istanbul Feneryolu office where SEO operations are conducted, is working to change SEO vision in Turkey and to meet brands with effective SEO services.

With SEOzone, which is an event carried out fully by the team of SEOzeo, SEOzeo brought over 200 digital marketing specialists together in 2013 and aims to increase this figure to over 400 in 2014.

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